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Reporting results to Slack

You can configure the DebugBear to post notifications on Slack when:

  • a change alert is generated for a page
  • there's a change in a page's JavaScript size
  • an API build finishes

Please contact support if you'd like a different type of notification or want to see an improvement to an existing one.

Sample website monitoring report posted in Slack

Setting up the Slack integration

  1. On the DebugBear website, select the project you want to integrate with Slack
  2. Click Project Settings then the Integrations tab on your project dashboard
  3. Click the Add to Slack button
  4. Select the channel you want to post notifications to
  5. Click Authorize
  6. Configure the type of notification you'd like to receive

Configuring Slack integrations on DebugBear

Notification types

Page Alerts

Get a Slack message when something significant about your page changes.

Example page alert Slack message

JS file size changes

Get a Slack message whenever the size of your JS bundles changes.

Example JavaScript size Slack message

API builds

See the results of API tests that have a commit hash.

Example API builds Slack message