Login Steps

If you want to monitor a web app it's probably only accessible after logging in. Login steps allow you to sign into a user account before the page is loaded for analysis.

Set up a login step

When creating or editing a page select "Login Step".

From there you can select and edit a login step, or create a new one.

To log into a user account the following information is needed:

  • URL of the login page
  • Email or username account, and where to enter it
  • The account password, and where to enter it
  • What button to click to submit the login form

After configuring the login step click "Update" to save your page changes.

Login steps and page archives

When logging in your web server will most likely set a cookie that's necessary to access the data in the account. When loading a page archive these cookies are restored so that the front-end does not incorrectly think the user is unauthorized.

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