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Login Flows

If you want to monitor a web app it's probably only accessible after logging in. Login steps allow you to sign into a user account before the page is loaded for analysis.

Login flows are a type of setup flow.

Set up a login flow

When creating or editing a page, click "Show Advanced" and then select "Login and Search flows".

Edit monitored page form, login steps are expanded

First click "Add a flow step" and then "Create login flow".

Usually you'll only need to fill out three fields:

  • URL of the login page
  • Email address or username
  • Password

The CSS selector for the email field, password field, and form submit button will be pre-populated. Make sure that these selectors work for your site.

By default DebugBear assumes that the login is complete when the password field is no longer visible. A more reliable condition for your site might be something like location.pathname.includes("/account").

Login step form

Testing the login flow

After creating your login flow click "test user flow" to make sure it works:

  • there should be no errors, e.g. because an element wasn't found in the DOM
  • the screenshot should not show a message like "invalid password"

The final screenshot from the user flow test should indicate a successful login, i.e. no "selector not found" errors or an invalid login message on your site.

Result of testing the login step